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  • 5462, Telegraph Road, Suite 101,Vietnam
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Suoi Mo Eco Village Resort

Total Site Area: 1,730,000 sqm

  • Total Land Area: 1,022,100 sqm
  • Total Water Area: 707,900 sqm

Location: 230km far to Ho Chi Minh city, 130km far to Dalat

Concept: Living on the water


  • Sport Lake: Main square, public functions, leisure (sport village & spa),
    hospitality, residential (floating villas and house boats), luxury development
  • Lagoon Resort: main luxury villas (floating /amphibious villas, facing to water
    villas), recreational & amenities functions
  • Floating Village: Luxury village on the water, Vietnamese style, attractive village
    for touristic tour.
  • Luxury Resort Park : luxury recreational and touring area, luxury resort and spa,
    luxury leisure (lounge lake), floating villas, floating golf, green/water path tour
  • Farming / Wet land